Concrete Canoe Games, LLC was founded by Daniel Grek, originally so he could feel fancy when pitching game designs. Based out of New Jersey, Daniel has worked on many game design contests and has two games published from Letiman Games: Dirigible Disaster and the Dino Dude Ranch expansion, Hatchlings.

With the creation of boardgamecandy.com, a site for game add-ons and expansions from The Game Crafter, Concrete Canoe Games has begun work on several fan expansions to popular games. You can find links to those items on this site.

Concrete Canoe Games will be moving into publishing in 2018 with the start of our FLOAT series of micro games. Each game will utilize the new “hook box” available at The Game Crafter and focus on fun mechanics in just 18 cards. Our first wave funded in May 2018. Look for wave 2 In March 2019!